Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Social Media Revelation

Lucky to be graced with the presence of several prominent communication industry leaders as guest lecturers in two of my classes recently, a surge of curiosity has passed through me about social media and its strong implications for the public relations scene. While I have always been a bit of a social media conformist, it's been more of a passive than active following. I am quite the facebook extremist, and I used to post a MySpace blog, but I have never ventured beyond.

Coupled with my intense new interest in the blog of leading PR firm, SHIFT Communications (which has recently been recognized as the American Business Awards' 2007 Agency of the Year), this new blog is my first step to break more actively into the social media realm and learn more thoroughly about what interactive media has to offer the communication scene.

While I must get back to procrastinating (two papers due tomorrow?) in the form of exploration of RSS feeds, widgets and social media and networking sites such as twitter and LinkedIn, I hope you will enjoy what I have to say in future posts!


Todd Defren said...

Good luck with your "intense new interest." ;)

Hope to see you start showing up in the PR-Squared comments section.

Amanda Gravel said...

Welcome to Web 2.0. Great seeing you outside of class :)