Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birds Day

Although it was over a week ago, I just wanted to comment on how fabulous my birthday was and thank everyone who made it great. I'm officially 22 now, which means absolutely nothing - pretty much all the age-related benefits of birthdays (teenage-ism, sweet sixteen-age, legaldom - of age and substances, voting and gambling) have been exhausted by now. Still my birthday celebration was a lot of fun and definitely memorable.

My day began after a relaxing weekend in Maine. Regrettably, we didn't have a chance to ski and use our free rentals (James works at EMS). Of course, we picked the one weekend when New England boasted record-breaking temperature highs, and there wasn't enough snow even in Maine for favorable skiing conditions. Apparently going to see Atonement in theaters was the most appropriate replacement for cross-country skiing (I say this facetiously due to the fact that Atonement was, in James' and my opinion, a stone's throw away from sucking, despite it's Golden Globe Best Picture recognition).

On my birthday night, James took me out to a delicious dinner at Brown Sugar Cafe, a Thai restaurant on BU's campus. We had spring rolls as an appetizer and I had hot tea and vegetable curry with brown rice and tofu - so "yum." We also shared some tasty coconut ice cream. Quite an indulgent dinner.

During dinner, James revealed that we'd be going to see Blue Man Group afterwards, which I was really excited about since it was at the top of my list of Bostonian things I haven't yet done. When we arrived back at James' apartment after dinner (because he "forgot the tickets"), a few close friends were there to surprise me with cheesecake! Apparently seeing Blue Man Group was in James' original plan, but the showing for Monday night had been canceled. We went last Friday instead, sat in the poncho section, and it was absolutely amazing. Best birthday gift ever!


Anonymous said...

Upon reading your blog, I noticed your comment on the lack of age related benefits. However at age twenty-five, we are treated to a reduction in car insurance rates. If you don't drive then this might not appy but it should be considered an advantage.

TDefren said...

happy birthday!