Monday, November 19, 2007

Tis (just about) the Season

I always get peeved when, immediately following Halloween, people already begin Christmafying. Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy the holiday season; I'd just rather it not be overdone. Check out this entertainment-based theory for the early celebration of Christmas - too much holiday TV? Are we going to start seeing Christmas specials during the summer soon? Christmas in July, anyone? Personally, if the only holiday special that aired on TV was TNT's 24 hours of A Christmas Story from Christmas Eve to Christmas day, I'd be perfectly content. (By the way, did you know you can visit the Christmas Story house year-round?)

I finally decided to give in to the pressure this morning when it started snowing on my way to work. As a woman I work with commented,
"It's just a tease to get us into the holiday spirit." Well, I haven't seen snow in almost two years (I was in LA for most of last winter), so I am pretty sure it worked!

Truth is, besides the snow, there are a culmination of factors that have pushed me over the holiday edge: I spent a couple of days with my boyfriend, James, in his hometown of beautiful Freeport, Maine this weekend (L.L.Bean-land is pretty decked out); Thanksgiving is only a few days away; James can't stop singing (though he only knows one line of) "Baby, It's Cold Outside," which is really making me want to watch Elf; I haven't even thought about holiday shopping yet; and I've recently developed a pleasant, seasonal cold.

Tis the season, indeed!

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