Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lesson Learned

Personal Blog Lesson: Do not make promises you cannot keep.

It's officially past the Twelve Days of Christmas mark, and I've officially dropped the ball on the promised Twelve Traditions of Christmas summary post. That'll teach me to make false promises (I swear I won't make a habit of this). Maybe I should cater my New Year's Resolution to that very sentiment.

So, it's also officially 2008. Daunting. I had always associated this particular year with my college graduation, which means I am required to become a real person soon. While I'm excited, I doubt my spring semester will be stress-free with the combination of classes, interning, working and finding a job for May.

Only one more week of freedom before classes resume and my internship begins at Longwood Events. I will be interning in the marketing department but also hopefully learning much about event planning operations.

Still, I am making the most of this last week by heading up to Maine with my boyfriend, James (who is now fully recovered from his bout of illness on our trip to New Jersey last weekend - I guess Maine boys can't really handle the clean, crisp conditions of the Garden State). The plan is to teach me how to cross-country ski
this weekend. My spastic tendencies are sure to make the learning experience interesting.

Monday the 14th is also my 22nd birthday, and I've just realized it's the first one I will spend in Boston. Freshman and sophomore years I was in New Jersey all winter break, and last year my 21st was spent in Los Angeles due to the LA Internship Program. It is probably also the first year I don't really care much about being a year older. Your first 20 birthdays at least build the anticipation for your 21st, but after you turn 21, birthdays don't seem to have the same

Any ideas on how to take full advantage of a Boston birthday?

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